Don’t Hire a Marketer before Product/Market Fit

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The fact is marketing is not appropriate for startups in the initial stages of customer development.

A newer model is emerging originally sparked by Steve Blank, author of Four Steps to the Epiphany and teacher of customer development at both Berkley’s Haas business school and at Stanford University’s graduate school of engineering. I consider Steve Blank to be the world’s foremost expert on customer development. Through his experience as CEO, Founder or VP Marketing at 8 startups (5 of which resulted in $100m+ exits — the last was E.piphany) and advisor/board member to numerous other startups, he has concluded that the ideal model is very different from the traditional startup approach of abdicating customer development to a VP of Marketing. I completely agree with his claim that none of the traditional VP Marketing skills are relevant in the first two customer development steps of a startup’s life (page 215 Four Steps to the Epiphany).

Given the high VP Marketing turnover rate at startups and more importantly the extremely high failure rate of startups, his model is definitely worth considering vs. the traditional startup marketing approach.

His recommendation is to form a customer development team led by a “head of customer development.”

The team should include the CEO and spend a considerable amount of time in the field with prospective customers validating/refining hypotheses about their target customers and the problems they are solving.

He says this team “must have the authority to radically change the company’s direction, product or mission and the creative, flexible mindset of an entrepreneur.”

There are two key twists I’ve made to his framework. The first is that I drive the entire process with metrics.

The second twist is that I add a customer development specialist when the Validation Step begins, which is the role I fill with startups. I believe eventually many people will specialize in this critical stage. Without a specialist, startups waste critical time and resources deciding where to execute. It’s surprising how similar the process of uncovering the critical information needed to drive customer adoption across different types of startups.

One place where my views diverge a bit from Steve Blank’s is that he suggests that a good candidate for the Head of Customer Development is someone with a product management or product marketing background. The key issue I see here is that experienced product marketers suffer from the “curse of knowledge.”

They know enough about product marketing to want to focus efforts on areas that are usually irrelevant to startups.

Having the discipline to follow the right process at this stage is much more important than experience. The good news is that I’ve found ambitious, analytical recent college graduates to be ideal candidates. They are easy to find and their salary and equity requirements are also much lower than a VP Marketing — freeing up resources to bring in a customer development specialist. This combination accomplishes more results faster than an experienced product marketer by themself, and generally costs the startup less cash and equity. Of course if you already have an experienced marketer I wouldn’t advocate replacing them. This guidance is really directed at startups that are trying to hire an experienced marketer — and a warning that you will be paying a premium for skills that aren’t critical at this point.

Once the startup has discovered how to drive customer adoption and begins building momentum, it should be easier to attract the long-term VP Marketing (or promote the head of customer development).




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Zachary Lukasiewicz

Zachary Lukasiewicz

Top writer in Venture Capital

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