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  • Dave Kellogg

    Dave Kellogg

    CEO of Host Analytics, the leader in cloud-based enterprise performance management. See FAQ on Kellblog for disclaimers, including list of affiliations.

  • Asaf Nevo

    Asaf Nevo

    CEO of Pico — Get Personal. Father of Two. 15 years of Business Building. Tech, Data & Marketing enthusiast

  • Hannes Bend

    Hannes Bend

    Our startup breathing.ai makes your screen experiences relaxing by personalizing them to your vital signs and needs to improve your performance and wellbeing.

  • Laurensia Aurel

    Laurensia Aurel

  • David Peterson

    David Peterson

    Partner @ Angular Ventures

  • Caleb Baale

    Caleb Baale

    A Digital Nomad

  • Warren Veerasingam

    Warren Veerasingam

    Software Developer at Pearson.

  • Vivid Labs Team

    Vivid Labs Team

    Creators of VIVID, the next generation NFT publishing platform that allows anyone to create, manage, and sell multimedia NFTs.

  • Nate Schaaf

    Nate Schaaf

  • JenJen Francis

    JenJen Francis

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