How to Market an App: 47 Inspiring Ideas + Examples

How to market an app and stand out

1. Make sure your app branding is on point

2. Conduct market research with your target audience

3. Reach out to influencers

4. Join the conversation

5. Host an app launch party

6. Utilize your mobile-friendly website

7. Write blog posts about your app

8. Leverage dedicated landing pages

9. Create an email campaign

10. Grow subscriber list

11. Have a strong social media presence

13. Integrate in-app social share

14. Request to join relevant social media groups

15. Use an invite system for your app

16. Offer free trials and promo codes

17. Build an online community

18. Focus on customer service

19. Update your app frequently

20. List your app on other app stores

21. Consider app store optimization (ASO)

22. Keep SEO in mind, too

23. Don’t forget about app indexing

24. Create a demo video

25. Guest blog for tech publications

26. Gain listings on app review sites

27. Be recommended in top app lists

28. Get featured in app stores

29. Submit your app for awards

30. Look for speaking opportunities

31. Attend and exhibit at events

32. Give branded swag away

33. Facilitate a contest

34. Try a “next best thing” platform

35. Promote your app with Google Adwords

36. Test app store search ads

37. Engage potential users with retargeting ads

38. Network with industry professionals

39. Partner up with other companies

40. Trade ad space with other apps

41. Prepare a media kit

42. Add app information to all marketing materials

43. Include links to your app in email signatures

44. Respond to reviews

45. Mix it up with guerrilla marketing

46. Advertise in brick and mortar stores

47. Increase app exposure with local efforts

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