What is a Perfect Startup Launch?

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Conventional wisdom says “launch” is a big bang event that happens in a very short period. It includes a press tour, an expensive launch marketing campaign, and if you could shoot balloons out of your homepage, most would think that’s a key element. The hard work is in orchestrating it all, so on the day of launch there is a big party where everyone drinks champagne and congratulates themselves on a job well done. New product launches that follow this conventional wisdom fail more than 80% of the time.

I’ve always launched the way it should be done — initially because I was an untrained marketer. A perfect launch lasts several months and is a very iterative, metrics-driven process. It should start with the understanding that all of your assumptions are probably wrong. You don’t know who your most passionate users will be, you have no idea how to position the product and can’t understand what will prevent potentially passionate users from reaching a gratifying experience. I once heard Vinod Khosla describe this period as watching a flock of sheep grazing in an open field. The flock always gravitates towards the best grass. The launch period is about watching the flock to identify this best grass and figuring out how to describe it to drive as many of the right people (or to stick with the metaphor, sheep) toward this grass.

Those that follow the conventional “big bang launch” waste a lot of money incorrectly positioning their products and attracting the wrong types of users. Executing the launch phase correctly improves results from external customer acquisition initiatives by 200% to 1000% within a few months. For this reason alone it is better to conserve marketing dollars until after successfully completing the launch phase.

The five startups launched with this approach have become leaders in their respective categories. Luck is only part of the reason.

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Zachary Lukasiewicz

Zachary Lukasiewicz

Top writer in Venture Capital

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